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Is it possible to access "rapconsole" page on a campus AP provisioned as RAP, if yes how it is done?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Introduction : This article explains how to access "rapconsole.arubanetworks.com" on a client connected to campus AP provisioned as RAP


Feature Notes : rapconsole page is seen on the RAP with zero touch provisioning (RAP-2WG, RAP-5WN, etc). This page by default can be accessed only on a zero touch provisioning RAP however there are instances where this page can also be accessed on a campus AP provisioned as RAP.


Environment  : This Article is applied to all AOS version


Network Topology : This setup works in all topology with campus AP provisioned in RAP mode with forward mode bridge


Configuration Steps :


1- For this setup to work, campus AP should be provisioned in RAP mode with forward mode bridge. 

2. VAP should be broadcasting bridge mode SSID

3. Connect a client to the bridge mode SSID

4. Enter the internal IP address of the AP in browser which will be redirected to rapconsole.arubanetworks.com

Note: Make sure the client and internal IP of the AP are in the same subnet and ap-uplink acl is allowall. 


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