Is it possible to bind clients to a specific AP nearby and prevent the controller from sending De-auth?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment- This article is applicable to controllers running 6.3.x

Answer- Requirement:-
For instance we have some users with Android devices running specific application (connects to a cloud server) that does not support roaming. If the client roams between APs then connection is dropped. Its possible these clients are within a specific area.

There is no configuration that would allow the controller to only allow a client to connect to a specific SSID. There are utilities/apps out there that can be installed on the client that can lock it to a certain BSSID.
If you want the controller to NOT make any client moves using clientmatch, you can add the client to the clientmatch unsupported list. 

Disable ARM on the controller so it doesn't de-auth clients.
Install an app on the device to bind to specific AP. 
Since its more of poor design it needs to be addressed with App developers

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