Port Bounce for AP with Access Ethernet Ports in 8.0


Port Bounce for AP with Access Ethernet Ports in 8.0


Mobility Master provides support for the port bounce feature for APs with access ethernet ports. This feature enables a client to re-initiate a DHCP request when there is a VLAN change.This is achieved when a RADIUS server such as ClearPass Policy Manager sends Disconnect-Request with a Vendor Specific Attribute (VSA 40) to Mobility Master. Then, Mobility Master forwards the request to the device to trigger an interface shut down for a specified period. This allows the device to re-initiate a DHCP request for obtaining an IP address in the changed subnet.


The Disconnect-Request must include the following information:

  • Calling Station-Id : MAC address of the user
  • VSA : 40
  • Integer : 0-60


VSA 40 represents Aruba-Port-Bounce-Host. The integer value indicates the time in seconds for which Mobility Master must shut the interface down. If the integer value received is 0 or a number greater than 60, Mobility Master does not shut the interface down. During a port bounce, the client connected to the interface is removed from the user table and is added back after the port is up.


Execute the following command to view the security logs during and after a port bounce:


[Aruba_MM][mynode] #show log security all | include bounce
Jan 14 22:22:46 authmgr[539]: <124004> <DBUG> |authmgr| Sending port bounce request for User mac 34:e6:d7:24:c8:3b
Jan 14 22:23:22 authmgr[539]: <124004> <DBUG> |authmgr| Port Bounce succeeded for User Mac 34:e6:d7:24:c8:3b
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