Redirecting users to a desired welcome page without any authentication on the Captive portal

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How to redirect users to a desired welcome page without any kind of authentication on the Captive portal?





<form name="loadportal" FORM method="post" ACTION="/auth/index.html/u">
<INPUT type="hidden" name="user" accesskey="u" SIZE="25" VALUE="test">

<INPUT type="hidden" name="password" accesskey="p" SIZE="25" VALUE="test123">
<input type="submit" name="inputme" value="Submit" style="visibility:hidden"> 
 window.onload = function() 


Below are the steps and use the appended “test.html” for reference.


Create a Test captive portal profile and do the below changes:

Upload the “test.html” to the test captive portal profile on the controller.

aaa authentication captive-portal "Test"
default-role "authenticated"
redirect-pause 0
no logout-popup-window
logon-wait maximum-delay 4
login-page "/upload/custom/test.html"


Need to create a “Test” initial role:

user-role Test_initial
captive-portal "Test"
session-acl logon-control
session-acl captiveportal


Need to create a “Test” server-group with the authentication server as internal, add a username: test and password: test123 in the internal DB as in the script. 

Step: 4

Map the captive portal profile, server group and initial role to the “Test” aaa profile:

aaa profile "Test"
initial-role "Test_initial"
dot1x-server-group "Test"  ----------------Need to map it to the dot1x-server-group. 


Connect to the ssid, open up the browser and try typing any website address and you will be redirected to "" here as in the welcome page url.

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