Sometimes, the tunnel node gets stuck in " ip progress" on the switch and never comes up on the controller. What is the reason?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to aruba controllers running least and above.



1. Tunneled node not coming up. It gets stuck in " in progress":



(ArubaS3500) #show tunneled-node state


Tunneled Node State
IP             MAC                 Port      state         vlan   tunnel   inactive-time
------------   -----------------   -------   -----------   ----   ------   -------------   00:1a:1e:10:fb:c0   GE0/0/1   in-progress   0221   4094     0000 



2. we can ping to the controller IP from the switch.
3. Switch port is up.
4. port vlan exists on the controller and is up and up.



Cause: Sometime, on the controller we have the tunneled-node address configured. If yes, we need to set it back to 0.



Solution :


Configure the following on the controller:



All configured correctly and ip connectivity verified, sometimes the tunneled node still does'nt come up and gets stuck at "in-progress".

In such cases, we need to check if tunneled node config also exists on the controller. If it does, we need to reset it to 0 by:


# config t
# tunneled-node-address



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