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The license server is about to lose licenses sent from a client in some days

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question- I have a master controller which is also the centralised licensing repository for all the local controllers. I have just seen the following message on the controller when logging into the CLI.

NOTICE -- The license server is about to lose licenses sent from a client in 11 days.

What is the reason for me getting this NOTICE on the controller?

Environment Information- This article applies to Aruba OS 6.3.x.x and above.

Symptoms- (Master) #show license heartbeat stats

License Heartbeat Table
Client IP Address  HB Req      HB Resp     Total Missed    Last Update (secs. ago)
-----------------           ------           -------            ------------         -----------------------       843421       843421             0               1726429  -------------------------------------(license limit was updated 19 days ago, have remaining 11 days)

Cause- This is the notification on the licensing server (master controller) informing that it is going to lose the licenses received from one of the licensing client (local controller) in another 11 days.

Per Centralised licensing, when the license server is unable to reach a license client for 30 days, the licenses that were imported from it will be removed from the license database. 
This is to prevent abuse of the centralized license mechanism. A warning message will be displayed on login when the license client/server can’t reach each other and its limits are about to expire.

Answer- - Since this is a master-local setup, check the master local connectivity first.

- Check the command "show license heartbeat stats" on both the server and client end, check for the last update column. The value should be less than 30, since every 30 seconds the licensing heartbeats is getting exchanged.

- Check the datapath session table on either side, "show datapath session table | include 8389"


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