Throughput performance issue with Intel 7260/7265 NIC Cards


Throughput issues when UAPSD Enabled




Wireless station with Intel 726x adapters may experience reduced throughput when connected to Aruba Access Points.


Affected Access Points


-- AP-92/93

-- AP-100 series

-- AP-13x series

-- AP-175

-- RAP-3 series

-- RAP-100 series

-- RAP-155 series


All other Aruba Access Points are not affected


Affected Aruba Controller OS


All ArubaOS


Details and Tests:


OS: Windows 7

NIC Card: Intel 726x adapters

Aruba Controller version:

Topology: Standalone Master

AP Model: 135/105

Forward mode: Tunnel


When one Station with UAPSD Enabled associate to AP, average throughput found was 30mbps/sec [verified from iPerf tests]

When one Station with UAPSD Disabled associate to AP 135/105, average expected throughput was 100 mbps/sec




Due to the hardware design of these Aruba products the workaround is to disable WMM U-APSD on the SSID profile or disabling U-APSD from Station.


Please refer the below screenshots which explains how to disable UAPSD from SSID profile and also from Station.





From Controller CLI:



From Controller GUI:


From Aruba Instant CLI:


From Station:




WMM: Wi-Fi Multimedia

UAPSD: Unscheduled Automatic Power Save Delivery


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