Traffic steering in SaaS


How the User traffic is steered to the best path on Branch Gateway for the SaaS application.




Branch Gateway selects the best path using below Criteria:

1.HTTP Probing for configured SAAS Apps

2.DNS Resolution

3.SaaS Application Traffic Steering


HTTP Probe :Aruba Gateway Sends HTTP request to each SaaS application over every available uplink. Based on the response, Gateways Calculate the average packet loss and latency for each path , based on this parameters the best path is determined.

Frequency: 10 Secs

DNS Resolution : Aruba Gateway sends the DNS request on all the available uplink for the configured SaaS application. The response is cached on the controller Datapath.

Frequency : 15mins

Traffic Steering : Based on the statistics data received from the Probes the best path is selected for the respective Application and client traffic is steered to the appropriate best Path.

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