Usage of AP-Move command in 8.x code


•In some application scenarios, customer wants to move some specific APs to other another controller.

•Currently the function can only be done by configuring LMS or AP failover.

•In case customers are reluctant to make any configuration changes, they can make use of AP-move feature.


AP-move command can be used in moving an AP from one controller to another without making any configuration changes.

When AP-move is executed on the cluster leader, sapm will send a message to CM to reassign new S-AAC.

Case 1: For redundancy, CM leader will assign new S-AAC with flag S-AAC-assign-by-apmove.

Case 2: For non-redundancy case, CM leader will temporarily enable AP redundancy and assign a new S-AAC to AP with flag S-AAC-assign-by-apmove



We can use the following syntax to execute AP move command:


•apmove <ap-mac>  <target-ip>

•apmove <ap-group> <source-ip> <target-ip>

•apmove all <source-ip> <target-ip>



•APMOVE can only be executed on cluster LC leader.


•AP-Move command will not de-authenticate the clients.

•AP will rebootstrap with APMOVE to non S-AAC.

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