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VIA app prompting for credentials in PC/laptop every time when the connection is established.


When the VIA does not connect automatically and prompts for username and password to enter manually every time in a computer?


Once the VIA is installed and the connection is established with the credentials, then in most of the instances, we see the VIA establish connection in an untrusted network automatically as the credentials already saved. However, there are chances where the user might see the VIA app prompt for credentials whenever we initiate VIA in the computer and below is the reason for the same.


VIA application will create few required registry keys and these keys are typically created by the installer. so, If the installer is run in a different user login in the computer than the one running VIA application, then the keys related to SSO will be missing and every time user need to enter the credentials.


1) Login to a user with administrative privileges in the local system

2) Install VIA

3) Logout and login to another user.

4) Start VIA by clicking on the VIA icon on the desktop.

5) Download the profile and let via connect

6) From now on VIA will ask for credentials on every connection attempt, this behavior also appears even if the system is restarted.


To avoid this, we need to install the VIA from the user login in which VIA going to be used. 

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