What are the best practices required for deploying Microsoft Lync over Aruba WLAN?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

The following best practices are required for successful wireless Lync solution. Please refer to the AOS user guide and campus design guide for details on making these settings.


RF Recommendations


1. 100% coverage in all areas of Lync use


2. Minimum RF signal (RSSI) levels of -65dBm


3. Minimum Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 25dB


4. Co-Channel separation of 20 dB


5. Min and Max AP power difference no greater than 2 steps

Controller Settings
Broadcast Filter ARP – enabled on the virtual AP profile
Enable fair-­‐access shaping policy in the traffic management profile
On the SSID profile
- WMM Traffic Management to prioritize Voice/Video
- Set max-­‐tx-­‐fail to 20
- Set max-­‐retries to 4
In the ARM profile
- Enable Voice/Video/load aware scan
- Client match - enabled
Enable call admission control
User opportunistic Key Caching (OKC) in case of 802.1x authentication in the dot1x profile

Network Performance

- Round trip delay of less than 100ms between clients
- jitter of less than 10ms
- packet loss <5%
- QOS trust on all voice ports
- End-to-end QOS


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Couple more recommendations:

 - Capacity based RF design:

  • Distance between two APs not to exceed more than 50Ft
  • AP Power setting to low to moderate power

- Cell size reduction to 15dB for dense deployment with AP225s, and 10dB for dense deployments with AP135s

May I use these recommendations for deploying Cisco Jabber over Aruba WLAN?

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