What are the new move statuses in client match and CLI commands added in

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article is applicable to controller running code and above with Client match feature enabled.


New Move statuses:

Success - moved the client to the target radio within 2x restriction timeout
Acceptable - the client ended up on a better radio (not the target radio) than the source radio
Too Long - it took a very long time to complete the move. It is most likely that the move happened when the client device was leaving the building and the move didn't 'complete' until the client returned to the building.
Wrong Radio - the client moved to a radio no better than the source radio. This is considered a failure.
Uncontrolled Radio - The client moved to a radio that was not in the client's VBR. Usually happens due to extremely high density of APs.
Multiple SSIDS - Often clients have the credentials for multiple SSIDs. This move status shows that the client jumped to different SSIDs because of the triggered move.


rtaImage (1).png


rtaImage (2).png


Frame types for RSSI (and VBR)


rtaImage (3).png


Enable/Disable 802.11v for client match


rtaImage (4).png


Move status 
#show ap arm client-match history


rtaImage (5).jpg


Packets for RSSI feed and packet SNR threshold


rtaImage (5).png





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