What command can be used to find "How the AP discovered the Master controller"?


What command can be used to find "How the AP discovered the Master controller"? 



In AOS Pre-6.3 versions, we never had a command to find how the AP discovered the Master controller and we had to find this from AP's console.

However from version 6.3 onwards, we can find this information in the ap debug system-status output. Below is the command to find the Master discovery information. 

#show ap debug system-status ap-name <AP-NAME> | include "Master discovered"    <----- M in upper case 

Some examples: 

(Rajaguru-3400) #show ap debug system-status ap-name 135-AP-1 | include "Master discovered"
Master discovered by:ADP

(Rajaguru-3400) #show ap debug system-status ap-name 215-AP-1 | include "Master discovered"
Master discovered by:Provisioned manually

(Rajaguru-3400) #show ap debug system-status ap-name 225-AP-1 | include "Master discovered"
Master discovered by:DHCP 

(Rajaguru-3400) #show ap debug system-status ap-name 103-AP-1 | include "Master discovered"
Master discovered by:DNS 
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