What data should I capture to troubleshoot Network Chemistry (RF_Protect)?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all RFprotect versions.


Capture the following data to troubleshoot Network Chemistry / RFprotect Distributed server.


For client/console-related issues:


1) Get a copy of the customer database. Gather the backup database (from a Windows 2003 server) by navigating to Start > All Program Files > RFprotect Server > RFprotect Engine Manager. The RFprotect Engine Manager Wizard is displayed. Click Next and then Backup the database. The RFprotectDATA.fbk file is generated, which is the one we want.


2) Gather the Trace.log file, which is located here:  c:\Program Files\Network Chemistry  (At some future point, the location could change to Aruba\RFprotect Server.)


For sensor-related issues:


Gather the customer database and Trace.log files described in the preceding section.

Also gather a packet capture from the Network Chemistry Packetyzer application. To launch this application, navigate to Start > All Programs > Network Chemistry > Packetyzer.


For server-related issues:


1) Gather event viewer logs.

2) Gather the customer database.

3) Gather the Trace.log file.

4) Gather the Firebird.log file, which can be found here:

c:\Program Files\Network Chemistry

(At some future point, the location could change to Aruba\RFprotect Server\Firebird.)

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