What do I do if Aruba 3x00 controllers show a variation in voltage rate?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers.


Variation in the voltage rate indicates a hardware issue with the controller.


To troubleshoot, get the output from the "show inventory" command several times.


For example:

(Aruba3200) #show inventory


Supervisor Card slot            : 0 
System Serial#                  : AC0001110 
SC      Assembly#               : 2010029B (Rev:02.00) 
SC      Serial#                 : F00681754 (Date:01/15/08) 
SC      Model#                  : A3200 
HW MAC Addr                     : 00:0B:86:61:1F:58 to 00:0B:86:61:1F:D7 
CPLD Version                    : (Rev: 1.1) 
A3200 Card Temperatures         : 
                                : Card Temperature          38 C 
                                : CPU Temperature           46 C 
A3200 Fan Tachometers           : 
                                : Chassis Fan A             4067 RPM 
                                : Chassis Fan B             4000 RPM 
                                : Chassis Fan C             4000 RPM 
                                : Chassis Fan D             4137 RPM 
A3200 Card Voltages             : 
                                : VMON1 3300mV              3324 mV 
                                : VMON2 2500mV              2550 mV 
                                : VMON3 AB 1800mV           1812 mV 
                                : VMON4 CD 1800mV            116 mV 
                                : VMON5 1200mV              1222 mV 
                                : VMON6 1000mV              1006 mV 




The VMON outputs are treated as two separate groups:
•     Higher voltage 2.5 and 3.3 - delta from norme +/- 20mV


                                : VMON1 3300mV              3324 mV
                                : VMON2 2500mV              2550 mV


•     Lower voltages 1.0, 1.2, 1.8 and 1.8 - delta from norme +/- 10mV


                                                                : VMON3 AB 1800mV           1812 mV
                                : VMON4 CD 1800mV            116 mV
                                : VMON5 1200mV              1222 mV
                                : VMON6 1000mV              1006 mV


Ideally, two probe commands would be run, and you would look at the delta from the two responses. The delta should not be greater than 10 mV for the 1.8V, 1.2V, and 1.0V supplies. For the 2.5V and 3.3V supplies, the delta should not be greater than 20mV.


With just one reading, the value could fall within a 3% limit and you would not flag that it had an oscillation problem.


For the 2.5V and 3.3V supply voltage check, the limit range should be +/-5%.


Contact the technical support center, because the controller needs to be replaced due to this hardware failure.




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