What is Airmatch and how to configure it on an Aruba MM running 8.0?

Gather as much as information needed to optimize the RF at a specific time that is configured.

Airmatch is the enhanced version of the Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technology. It has new automated channel optimization, transmit power adjustment and channel width tuning system that utilizes dynamic machine learning intelligence to automatically generate the optimal view of the entire WLAN network. 
Below are the advantages of using Arimatch.
•Clean slate RF optimization service
•Long term network stability & Performance
•Holistic view of network
•Different mode of data collection and calculation
•Once a day optimization
•Reactive optimization


(ArubaMM) ^[mynode] #
(ArubaMM) ^[mynode] #configure terminal 
Enter Configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z

(ArubaMM) ^[mynode] (config) #airmatch profile 
(ArubaMM) ^[mynode] (AirMatch profile) #schedule 
(ArubaMM) ^[mynode] (AirMatch profile) #deploy-hour 4
(ArubaMM) ^[mynode] (AirMatch profile) #!
(ArubaMM) ^[mynode] (config) #

(ArubaMM) [mynode] #show ap system-profile default

AP system profile "default"
Parameter                                Value
---------                                -----
RF Band                                  g
RF Band for AM mode scanning             all
Health Check Parameter                   mode ping packet-size 32 burst-size 5 report 60 frequency 10 retries 3
AirMatch Report Period                   30 minutes
AirMatch Measurement Duration            5 minutes
AirMatch Report Enabled                  Enabled
(ArubaMM) [mynode] #


(ArubaMM) [mynode] #
(ArubaMM) [mynode] #show airmatch profile 

AirMatch profile (Predefined (changed))
Parameter          Value
---------          -----
schedule           Enabled
deploy-hour        4 o'clock
eirp-offset        0 dB
quality-threshold  15 percent

(ArubaMM) [mynode] #
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