What is VPLM and how do I configure it in Aruba mesh routers?

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Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to Aruba mesh routers (MSR 1200 and MSR 2000) with ArubaOS 4.1.3b2 and later.


By default, Aruba mesh router architecture is a Layer 3 setup and each interface has a different subnet. To span a Layer 2 network over a Layer 3 network, Virtual Private LAN over Mesh (VPLM) is used in Aruba mesh routers.


VPLM provides a pure Layer 2 behavior for wired and wireless clients that are connected to the same VLANs across the Layer 3 network. This architecture supports peer-to-peer traffic and broadcast and multicast over the VPLM network.


When VPLM is enabled in the MSR routers, the routers create GRE tunnels to other MSR routers in the network with the same VLAN. The routers send individual VLAN data with 802.1q VLAN ID tagged.


Here is the configuration for VPLM.


# config t

# service vplm

# allowed-vlan auto



To verify that VPLM connectivity has been established in the network, issue the following commands:


MSR3# show vplm membership-database

VLAN    Router-ID     Site-id  Assoc

1   0        0

100   1        1

100   1        0


MSR3# show vplm mac-address-table

VLAN    MAC                 Router-ID    site-id

1       06:17:7b:2c:45:66    0

100     5c:ff:35:07:4e:e6    0

100     00:21:9b:de:db:c6  1

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