What is domain-pre-connect feature in VIA ?

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QuestionWhat is domain-pre-connect feature in VIA ?


What is domain-pre-connect feature in VIA ?
·         Make sure you have network connectivity to the client when user is               logged off.
·         Configure VIA connection profile for IKEv2+User certificates. (The                  feature works only with IKEv2 as of now).
·         The certificates have to be stored in machine store.
·         Establish at least one normal VIA IPsec connection when user is                  logged into the machine. (domain pre-connect creates its own                      profile using this profile).
·         Now log off the machine domain pre-connect would be initiated.
·         In controller you can see, the initial IPsec connection will be teared             off and new connection will be triggered. (Use “show user”           command).
Configuration from CLI
aaa authentication via connection-profile "via_conn_prof"
Configuration from WEBUI
Go to Configuration tab--> Security--> Authentication-->L3 Authentication -->Click on VIA connection Profile



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