What is the maximum limit of Server Rules per server-group?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to  ArubaOS 5.x and above.

The Server Rules per server-group are limited to 255 entries.

While adding more than 255 entries to the server-group, the controller will not trigger any error message for exceeding the limit. The symptom would be when an AP provisioned to an AP-group that contains more than 255 entries then AP will not come up.

When the number of parameters for server-rules exceeds 255, in show log errorlog we start observing the below error message:

<ERRS> |authmgr|  An internal system error has occurred at file ncfg_profmgr.c function ncfg_profmgr_recv_update line 192 error sxdr error

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