What is the voice-aware feature in 802.1x in ArubaOS 3.3.2.x and later?

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Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers and ArubaOS versions.


Voice Call Admission Control (CAC) uses the Aruba voice-aware infrastructure to prevent any single AP from becoming congested with voice calls. The number of active voice calls allowed on a radio is limited or bandwidth thresholds are set. The system monitors the number of active voice calls or bandwidth utilization, and if the defined threshold is reached, any new calls are load-balanced or disconnected. The AP notifies the SIP client that the AP is unavailable.


Voice awareness also improves voice quality and reliability by optimizing other functions in the network that may adversely affect call quality. For networks using the Aruba Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) feature, CAC ensures that dynamic power and channel optimization activities are limited when voice calls are active on a radio.


Authentication activities can be optimized as well by minimizing authentication transactions that can affect call quality.

Although reauthentication and rekey timers are configurable on a per-SSID basis, an 802.1x transaction during a call can affect voice quality. With the Aruba solution, if a client is on a call, 802.1x reauthentication and rekey are disabled by default until the call is complete. You disable or re-enable the voice-aware feature in the 802.1x authentication profile.


Use the CLI to disable voice awareness for 802.1x:


aaa authentication dot1x <profile>



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