What power supply unit does an Aruba 5000 or 6000 chassis need so that a line card supports POE?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers and ArubaOS versions.

The Aruba 5000 or 6000 chassis needs a 400W PSU to enable the POE on the line card.

A 200W PSU disables POE on the controller.

The following error message is posted in the errorlogs:

show log errorlog all

Aug 19 22:57:47 <fpapps 314811> <ERRS> |fpapps| Power Supplies only support 200W, disabling POE

The following "show inventory" output is for a controller that is powered with 200W PSU:

show inventory

Supervisor Card slot : 0

Supervisor FPGA : SCCI Rev 0x6

SC Assembly# : 2010004D (Rev:06.00)

SC Serial# : F00260166 (Date:12/24/06)

Crypto Assembly# : 2010005C (Rev:01.00) (SC-I)

Crypto Serial# : F00245018

Mgmt Port HW MAC Addr : 00:0B:86:FF:0D:78

HW MAC Addr : 00:0B:86:09:3B:80 to 00:0B:86:09:3B:FF

CPLD Version : 1 (Rev: 1)

PEER Supervisor Card : Absent

Line Card 1 : Absent

Line Card 2 : Present

Line Card 2 FPGA : LCCI Rev 0x6

Line Card 2 Switch Chip : SwitchCore CXE-1000 Rev 0xA

Line Card 2 Mez Card : Present

Line Card 2 SPOE : Present (Disabled)

Line Card 2 Sup Card 0 : Present ( Active )

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