When I use the RF_Protect console to access the archive database, why does the console show "The console has detected that the engine has not been active for 90 seconds, Please check the status of the engine", even when the RF_Protect engine is operating?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to RFprotect Distributed Server 6.5 and later.


RFprotect Distributed Server has two databases: the main and archive databases.


When the RFprotect engine is operating, it communicates only with the main database and the main database keeps the latest timestamp.


When the console accesses the main database, it checks the timestamp and compares it with the current time. If the times are close, the console determines that the engine is operating.


The timestamp in the archive database is fairly old, because that timestamp is not regularly updated by the engine. When the console accesses the archive database and compares the timestamp with current time, they might not be close, and the console determines that the engine is down.





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