Where can I get the AID(association id) information from controller and packet capture?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : Controller -- Switch -- AP ))) Station


Association ID is unique in each BSSID of AP.

For checking the AID in controller CLI, using "show ap association "

(ArubaChang) #show ap association ?
ap-group                Filter on AP group
ap-name                 Filter on AP name
bssid                   Filter on AP MAC Address
channel                 Filter on channel
client-mac              Filter by client MAC Address
essid                   Filter on ESSID
ip-addr                 Filter on AP IP Address
ip6-addr                Filter on IPv6 Address
phy                     Filter on PHY type (a, b, or g)
remote                  Show association table for Bridge mode APs
voip-only               Show VoIP Client information only
|                       Output Modifiers





Above the example, you can see aid field and the two station 00:24:d7:25:5a:b4 , 4c:eb:42:35:b3:94 are associated different BSSID.


rtaImage (1).png



One more station(70:f1:a1:54:f5:49) associated to BSSID (00:24:6c:5e:6b:20) and it's aid is "2".
Among the output, you can see "l-int" which is listening interval is set by easch station. The unit of "l-int" is number of beacon.

For verifing the aid from air capture, plese look up below screen shot ;


rtaImage (2).png



Above is association request & response packet

For getting information of Association ID, need to check Association response packet;


rtaImage (3).png



aid information is included in 802.11 Management capability info.

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