Wired port stats for campus AP


How to check AP wired stats for campus APs?




In the previous builds, the AP wired stats are not supported in CLI for campus APs; it is only supported on the remote AP. This feature is supported on all the platforms, such as all the

Controller models and all the AP models. And if the AP operation mode  is Campus AP, Remote AP, and mesh portal and mesh point, it is also supported on these operation models.

The following commands can be checked for campus APs. 

#show ap wired stats [ip-addr <ip-addr>] [ap-name <ap-name>]
Another command is: 

#show ap wired stats [ip-addr <ip-addr>] [ap-name <ap-name>] [client-ip <client-ip>] [client-mac <client-mac>]




Controller-------------CAP/RAP/Mesh portal/mesh point---------wired client



Note: If there is no output when you input this command, so just check if there is a client connected to the wired port, and also you can use the command “show user” or “show datapath user” to show if there is wired user is on. If there is some user, you can also show this command to check.



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