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Introduction : ArubaOS running on Aruba Mobility Controller has many processes and state of which can be checked via "show process monitor statistics" CLI command.


Feature Notes : We can check if process is Running or Initializing however there are few other thing can be checked and help during troubleshooting,


Environment : Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controller and OS.


Network Topology : Wireless LAN Controllers


Configuration Steps :

Default Configuration by Aruba Networks



Answer :




Name: You will see all the processes names.
NOTE: Depending on controller Version you might notice some processes missing.

State: Is the process current state

Restarts Allowed: This is where how many time process is allowed to be restart before controller reboots.
Under this you will find 3 values '8' '0' and '-'
8 means: Controller will not reboot till 8 time process restart however it will reboot if it crash 9 time.
0 means: If fpapps crashes nanny will immediately restart the entire controller.
- means: It's not a core process and can restart n number of time and controller will not reboot.

Restarts: How many times process has been restarted.

Timeout Value: All the processes has 240mS

Timeout Chances: All the processes has 3 chances means 240*3 = 720mS

Time Started: What time process was restarted

NOTE: These values and time will reset if controller reboot.


I have manually restarted the ospf and cpsec process and we can see the changes in command output




Verification : Verification Commands:

To check all the processes
#show process monitor statistics

To check if there is any crash file on process restart
#show swtichinfo


Troubleshooting : Processes should not fail in first place and if it does, it should be investigate properly therefore; if any process failed, kindly collect the controller logs.tar, crash.tar and contact Aruba TAC for investigating.



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