is L-2 and L-3 GRE supported for tunnel groups?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

1. Is tunnel group supported for L-2 or L-3 GRE tunnel?
2. In version was the L-2 GRE support added to AOS?


Environment : This article applies to all Aruba controllers and OS versions post Aruba 6.3


1. We can create L-2 and L-3 GRE tunnels in Aruba controllers to route the traffic. This supports VPN functionality without security features of IPsec tunnels.
2. L-3 tunnels can work with Non-Aruba devices.
3. L-2 tunnel can only work when other end is also an Aruba device.
4. Tunnel groups feature was introduced in 6.3
5. It allows multiple tunnels to be put in a tunnel group out of which only one is active at a time.
6. This provides redundancy and prevents chance of a loop.
7. Prior to, tunnel group was supported only for L-3 GRE tunnels. Since L-2 GRE tunnels are also supported.

(Aruba) (config) #tunnel-group branch_site
(Aruba) (config-tunnel-group)#mode l2 |  L3

8. We can verify the tunnels using the following commands:

show tunnel-group
show datapath tunnel-group



1. Tunnel groups feature is supported since 6.3 for L-3 GRE tunnels.
2. Post, L-2 GRE tunnels are also supported.

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