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what does default.cfg_msync_glbl mean?


What does default.cfg_msync_glbl mean?




The Configuration file changes whenever one of the following things happen:

 a. Write-mem execution on CLI or web UI done on controller.
    b. If controller is local,  a global configuration change in master followed by write-mem on master, This could be either partial or full sync.
    c. An internal write-mem (This happen rarely and mostly used with wizards).
For any of the changes listed above, a backup will be done to the existing configuration file (default.cfg) before the change.

The name of the backup file will be in the following format default.cfg_<operation>_<date> (eg. default.cfg_msync_partial_2013-08-13_13-58-52) .

The operation could be "writemem", "msync_glbl", "msync_partial", "wmem_internal" corresponding the type of change as listed above.

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