Can AirWave be used as a centralized management server for an Instant network?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba Instant platforms and versions.

Aruba Instant supports centralized configuration with AirWave as the configuration master.


To deploy an Aruba Instant network at a customer site, administrator must specify AirWave IP, organization name (Group in AirWave), and a pre-shared key. The Aruba Instant network connects to the AirWave server using HTTPS and downloads the configuration from the server.


You do not need to configure each site individually when you deploy Instant networks at different sites for the same customer. AirWave 7.2.2 supports Aruba Instant.

Aruba Instant establishes a secure HTTPS connection with AirWave and uses this connection to push updates to AirWave. This is different from the mobility controller, which is AirWave communication that uses SNMP.

Using HTTPS for Instant provides these advantages:


  • Increased AirWave scalability: 10,000+ Instant devices are supported on a single super-AMP appliance.

  • Instant in a private network can communicate with AirWave in the Internet cloud without the need for VPN or any other security infrastructure.
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