Configurable RADIUS packet format in IAP

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment- This article is applicable on IAP running

Answer- Before IAP
Mac address delimiter and case configuration was only allowed when MAC authentication was enabled
“User-Name” & “User-Password” were the only supported radius attributes

Delimiter and case configuration is allowed for all authentication methods
Any radius attribute in Mac-address-format, such as calling-station-id, called-station-id will honor the new delimiter and case configuration

These commands are only available in CLI.
    configure terminal
    wlan ssid-profile <ssid>
     auth-pkt-mac-format delimiter :  
    (auth-pkt-mac-format upper-case delimiter -)
    commit apply

“auth-pkt-mac-format delimiter :” means use colon for mac address delimiter.
“auth-pkt-mac-format upper-case delimiter -” means mac address is upper-case and delimiter is minus.

Before, there are 2 separate commands only for mac auth username and password.

In, a new command has been added       
    auth-pkt-mac-format { upper-case } { delimiter <delim> }

The two commands mac-authentication-delimiter & mac-authentication-upper-case have higher priority.  
Default format: lower case, no delimiter

This feature is not supported in accounting packets.

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