Enet-vlan UI support


UI Support for Enet-Vlan configuration.


Starting instant version 4.3, UI support has been added for Enet-Vlan Configuration. This parameter informs the IAP about the native-VLAN of the upstream switch it is connected to. The parameter stops the IAP from sending out tagged frames for clients connected on the SSID which has the same VLAN as the native VLAN of the upstream switch. By default, the IAP considers the uplink switch native VLAN value as 1.

CLI Command: 

IAP-335# configure terminal 
We now support CLI commit model, please type "commit apply" for configuration to     take effect.
IAP-335 (config) # enet-vlan ?
<vlan>     VLAN id


Web UI:

 System -> General -> "Uplink switch native vlan"


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