How do I boot up an Aruba Instant AP?

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Question:  How do I boot up an Aruba Instant AP?


Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba Instant APs.


To boot up an Aruba Instant AP (IAP), follow these steps:

1) Power up the IAP.

2) If you connect an IAP to your LAN segment through an Ethernet port, this interface obtains an IP address from your DHCP server.

The IAP begins broadcasting an ESSID named "INSTANT" with "Open" authentication in frequency bands "a" and "g".

When a client connects to this ESSID, the client obtains an IP address from the range However, if the IAP obtained an IP address from the DHCP server within this subnet, then it provides the clients with an IP address from the range


To access the IAP through the webUI, follow these steps:

1) Open a browser and type in the URL as either, "" or "Default Gateway IP address".

2) Enter the username and password, which is "admin".

If you entered the username and password correctly, you can use the webUI to configure the IAP according to your requirements.

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Note: Outside the US (i.e. using a RoW IAP) the "Instant" SSID is only broadcast on the 2.4GHz radio until you login and select a country. Once the country code is selected the "Instant" SSID will be broadcast on the 5GHz radio (in a dual radio IAP)

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