How do I change virtual controller name on Aruba Central portal?

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Question: How do I change virtual controller name on Aruba Central portal?


Environment: This article applies to Aruba Instant Clusters being managed by Aruba Central.


Aruba Central is a cloud-based platform that enables one to manage Aruba Instant clusters deployed at various remote sites or branch offices. Virtual Controllers of every Instant cluster, check in to Aruba Central group and takes the configuration within. When we have many virtual controllers in a central group, it becomes difficult to identify one of the them easily.

For example, in the below image we have two virtual controllers in default group, which represent instant clusters at two different location in the same building or even checking-in from totally two different remote sites:




 It would be easier to manage, if we name these virtual controllers with reference to location/area/site , as applicable.

Below steps and screenshots, guide you on how to change the name of a virtual controller:

1. After logging to Aruba Central, click on "All Groups"

2. Click on menu icon, to show the list of groups. rtaImage2.jpg

3. Click on the Group, where you have the virtual controller mapped to.

4. Click on the particular virtual controller and the menu should update as below:




5. Click on "System" and then click "Edit Values"  against Name.







6. Edit the Virtual Controller name. In the below image, we changed it to "IAPs-at-Warehouse":





7. Click on "Save Changes" in the right-bottom corner. rtaImage7.jpg


Now, when we look back into the group, the name of the virtual controller would be changed.  As we see below:



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This article should be updated for the new version of Aruba Central.  There is a 2 step save process and the new names are not showing up in the left navigation once renamed.

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