How do I push the configuration of a new IAP to the existing IAP cluster?

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When I have an existing IAP cluster network up and running, it has one active master. If I introduce a new IAP with the new required configuration, will this new configuration be pushed to the existing network?




The existing IAP cluster has one active master. The newly added (with the new required configuration) IAP joins the cluster as a local IAP. Therefore, the newly added IAP pulls the configuration from the master (virtual controller) and does not push the new required configuration that it has to the IAP cluster.


To spread the new required configuration through the network, we have two options:


  • With the help of AirWave: Configure an IAP in test environment and create a template in AirWave. You can push this template to the existing network.

  • Without AirWave: An active master (virtual controller) is up and running, which does not allow the newly plugged IAP to push its configuration. Therefore, you must power off all the IAPs and plug the newly configured IAP into the network. Now this is the first IAP, it becomes the master, and it retains its configuration. Plug in all the other IAPs, which now act as local IAPs and pull the configuration from the newly configured IAP.
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