How does Aruba Central tracks the geographical location of an Instant AP?

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Aruba Employee

Environment : This articles applies to Aruba Instant Access Points that are provisioned on Aruba Central.


Aruba Central can geographically locate an active Instant AP. In a use case where a company has  deployments across different branch locations, this feature will be helpful in identifying the locations of Instant APs and also can show how many of them are UP and running.

Following figure shows two locations
along with count of active APs:




The following flowchart outlines how Aruba Central acquires the geographical location of an IAP:



rtaImage 1.jpg

The location acquired would be of the Service Provider from where Instant AP has obtained its Public IP address. However, you can manually override the acquired address to input any address of your choice and this will be reflected on the map.

Follow these steps to update the location of your choice:



  1. Log in to Aruba Central.
  2. Navigate to Monitoring > Access Points.
  3. From the list of Access Points, click on the AP, for which you want to change the location address.
  4. Left-click on the AP icon in the map and click Edit.


rtaImage 2.jpg



5. Enter the location address.
6. Select the checkbox Apply address change to other APs in group only if the other Instant APs in the group belong to the same location.
7. Click Save.

Once saved, left-click on the AP icon in the map and it will show the updated location address.

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