How does Instant Automatic configuration backup and restore functionality work?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to all Aruba Instant Access Points running Aruba InstantOS 3.3 or higher.


Starting from Aruba InstantOS 3.3, automatic configuration of backup and restore function is added in order to avoid losing of Instant AP from Airwave/Athena Server.

Below content shows how an IAP behaves on receiving the configuration:

When IAP receives configuration from Airwave/Athena server, it would save current running configuration in backup section first, then install the new received configuration. If newly installed config. can’t make IAP to connect to Airwave/Athena server successfully in 5 minutes, configuration from the backup section would be restored.

If new configuration makes IAP connect Airwave/Athena server successfully in 5 minutes, backup configuration will be replaced by current configuration.

Below is the flowchart on the same:




If configuration is from WebUI/CLI, current and backup configuration will be compared. If different, backup config will be replaced with current configuration. If same, do nothing.


rtaImage (1).jpg



Below are the additional points: 
  • When IAP starts up, if read configuration fails, it will try to use the backup configuration.
  • When IAP starts up and loads configuration, it checks if the current configuration is same to backup. If no, backup config will be replaced with current configuration.
  • If current configuration size is bigger than 60 * 1024 bytes, IAP compresses it and then saves.

New command has been introduced in InstantOS 3.3 to checkout the configuration in backup partition:

#show backup-config
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