How does failover of AMP (Airwave Management Platform) server work on Aruba Instant APs?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to all the IAP running a minimum version of Any version prior to this does not have this feature.


This article explains how the IAPs switch between the primary and backup AMP server in case of non-availability of the primary and the backup servers. 

An IAP takes around 5 minutes to switch over from the primary Airwave server to the backup server in case the primary server is unreachable. It takes 2 duty cycles (minutes) to Judging the down status of the primary AMP server and another 3 duty cycles (minutes) to connect, identify and log into the backup AMP server. 

When using the backup AMP, IAP will continue to attempt a connection to the primary AMP every duty cycle (1 minute). If the attempt becomes successful, IAP will log out of the backup AMP and log into the primary AMP.

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