How to add single or cluster of Instant APs to Aruba Central, in order to start managing them?

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How to add single or cluster of Instant APs to Aruba Central, in order to start managing them?


On getting an EVAL Aruba Central account, one had to get the Instant Access Points on board, in order to manage them.  Central provides an option to add the devices and the below article would discuss in more detail:

  • Once you login to Aruba Central, navigate to "All Groups"  >> Maintenance >> Device Management
  • In  the top-right, click on the button that says "Add Devices"




Clicking on "Add Devices" will prompt us three ways to add the devices:


  1. Device List
  2. Cloud Activation Key
  3. Aruba Activate Credentials


Device List:

This option is very straight forward. One need to add the serial no's and mac address of the Instant Access Points.  It allows only 32 devices to be added here.


Cloud Activation Key:

IAPs when connected to network, they are programmed to talk to Activate Server. If it is a cluster of IAPs, then the elected master would talk to the Server. An program on server, would then decide a activation key and shares with the IAP.  Therefore, only the administrator having the access to the IAP via CLI or GUI, would be able to find the activation key and add the to Central.  

Activation Key and MAC address of the Master IAP needs to be submitted.



Aruba Activate Credentials:

Activate is the backend database. Provided credentials, Central would get in sync with activate and fetch the device count.

List of devices, would then get into Central and shown under "Device Management"



Once added, one can navigate to Maintenance >> Device Management anytime to verify the IAP list.

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