How to broadcast ESSID specific to Single IAP in a cluster?

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Aruba Employee

In a cluster all IAPs share the same configuration. If we want to broadcast ESSID only on specify IAP(s) we can use the AP zone feature.


We configure an ESSID and assign a zone to it. Whichever IAP that needs to broadcast that ESSID will be mapped to that zone. 


Environment : This article is applicable to IAPs running 4.1 and above OS.


Network Topology : IAPs in a cluster .



AP Zone for ESSID


Create or edit a network set AP zone in WLAN Settings page.
Set AP zone for individual IAP.
Select a IAP then edit it, set zone name same as ESSID.
In the Instant UI
1. In the Access Points tab, click the IAP for which you want to set the zone. The edit link is displayed.
2. Click the edit link. The edit window for modifying IAP details is displayed.
3. Specify the AP zone in Zone.
4. Click OK.
in CLI :-
Configure AP Zone for wlan ssid-profile
Login to Master configure or edit a ssid profile
rtaImage (1).jpg
Configure AP Zone Individual IAP
Login to that IAP(master or slave)
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All APs in a cluster use the same SSID configuration including master and slave IAPs. However, if you want to assign an SSID to a specific IAP, you can configure zone settings for an IAP.
The following constraints apply to the AP zone configuration:
1. An IAP can belong to only one zone and only one zone can be configured on an SSID.
2.  If an SSID belongs to a zone, all IAPs in this zone can broadcast this SSID. If no IAP belongs to the zone configured on the SSID, the SSID is not broadcast.
3.  If an SSID does not belong to any zone, all IAPs can broadcast this SSID.
For the SSID to be assigned to an IAP, the same zone details must be configured on the SSID. 
Check AP Zone configure on GUI
Expand Network bar with click on “+”
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Expand Access Points bar with click on “+”
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Check zone configuration for IAP
d8:c7:c8:cb:bd:8a# show ap-env
Antenna Type:Internal
Check zone configuration for Wlan
00:24:6c:cd:a0:c3# show network
Key    Name   Clients  Type      Band  Authentication Method  Key Management  IP Assignment  Status   Zone
---    ----   -------  ----      ----  ---------------------  --------------  -------------  ------   ----
test3  test3  0        employee  all   None                   None            Default VLAN   Enabled  lab
test4  test4  0        employee  all   None                   None            Default VLAN   Enabled  -
test1  test1  0        employee  all   None                   None            Default VLAN   Enabled  cube
test2  test2  0        employee  all   None                   None            Default VLAN   Enabled  jack
Controller has AP specific incase we need to add any SSID or tweak values.


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