How to configure an IAP for Spectrum Monitor and where to analyse the results?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

The article gives a complete view of how to configure and use Spectrum monitor in Instant APs.


Once an IAP is converted into Spectrum Monitor, the IAP would stop servicing clients and would scan the RF bands - 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.



This helps in identifying RF health parameters and also in classifying and removing Non-wifi interferences.


Environment: RF environment where WLAN network faces a lot of drops or disconnection and Non-wifi interference is suspected.


Network Topology : Any IAP can be converted into an Spectrum Monitor.



Spectrum Monitor is an AP specific configuration. To configure an AP as spectrum monitor, choose an IAP, goto Radio settings and change it to spectrum monitor:


rtaImage (20).png



This config change would require the AP to reboot for changes to take effect.


Once the AP reboots and comes up, it can be seen that a new tab called "Spectrum" is available for the AP.



rtaImage (21).png


In the Spectrum Tab of the AP one can see two options.

1) Spectrum output for 2.4 Ghz


rtaImage (22).png



2) Spectrum output for 5 Ghz


rtaImage (23).png



Based on the above outputs, we can troubleshoot Non-wifi related issues with IAP running as spectrum monitor.


rtaImage (24).png







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