How to configure device level configuration for switches within a group in Central ?


How to configure device level configurations for switches within a group in Central ?


In certain scenarios we may need switch specific configurations for example DHCP /Port/VLAN settings .In this case if we configure for example DHCP as group config then it gets pushed to all the switches in that group and it might result in duplicate ip address in the network. To overcome this Central provides an option to configure device level configurations. 

Below steps shows how to configure DHCP settings at device level

1: Under the All Groups select the specific switch you want to configure as DHCP sever 

2: Once the switch (Arubas1500-12P) is selected ,under configuration --> Switch-MAS --> DHCP Pools we can specify the parameters


This configuration will be pushed only to switch ArubaS1500-12P


We can also verify the config different using below option



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