How to convert Standalone mode IAP to VC mode without resetting it? What are the different methods of converting Standalone mode IAP to VC mode?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article applies to all the IAPs running version 4.x and above.

Standalone mode IAP's can be converted to VC mode using CLI and GUI.

GUI mode:

# Login to the IAP's webpage
# Click on maintenance >convert tab
# Click on the dropdown menu and select "Default virtual controller mode"
# Once done, reboot the IAP.


rtaImage (7).png


CLI mode:

# Login to specific IAP via SSH/Console.
# On the enable mode, execute the command: "swarm-mode Cluster".
# Once done reload the IAP.


rtaImage (8).png


# One of the other ways to convert is to press the reset button on the IAP.

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