How to delete a client from Aruba Central?

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Aruba Employee

When Aruba Instant is being managed by Aruba Central, there might be some circumstances, where a client needs to be deleted. As Central is a cloud service, no option to delete a client is made available.

One can initiate console access to IAP from central and then execute the commands to delete the client.  Password to access the IAP, provides a security of only the authorized personnel to delete the client.


  • Gives flexibility to delete a client by logging into Aruba Central on Internet.

Environment : This article applies to Aruba Instant Access Points that are being managed by Aruba Central.


Network Topology : IAP managed by Aruba Central.


Take the following steps on Aruba Central, to delete the client;

  • Login to Aruba Central
  • Click on the menu icon beside to "All Groups"
  • Click on the specific group
  • Go to Monitoring and then click on Access Points
  • From the list of IAP's, click on the IAP that the client is connected to.
  • Click on Console Access (as shown below). Console would take couple of minutes to initiate.

Once the console is initiated:

  • Execute "show clients" to make a note of the client MAC address
  • Execute the command "clear client <mac address>  to delete the client.



We can verify the deletion of the client entry by the command "Show clients".


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