How to disable the 5 GHz band on dual-radio Instant Access Point (IAP) ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article describe how to disable the 5 GHz band on Instant Access Point (IAP) by enabling the extended SSID option.

In certain use cases,  IAP using external antenna such as IAP-104, IAP-92 or IAP-108, administrators might want to disable the 5 GHz band as unavailability of compatible antennas or need to increase the number of SSID support on the 2.4 GHz band.



This article is applicable only for dual-radio IAP's.                                                                                                                                                                        

  • 5 GHz LED might show a green LED even after the radio is disabled.
  • To disable 2.4 GHz band: Just removing its reference from SSID profile and restarting the IAP.

Environment : Aruba Instant version and IAP-105 is used for all the sample output provided in this article.



Making a selection of 2.4 GHz band in the SSID profile will not disable the 5 Ghz band as this radio is also used for mesh-backhaul when Ethernet uplink fails.
In order to disable the 802.11a band, one need to disable the mesh and Wi-Fi uplink capabilities of an IAP by enabling "Extended SSID"  in the advance settings.

First, login to IAP web interface and "Extended SSID":


  • Go to Settings --> Click on "Show Advance Options"
  • On General tab --> Enabled "Extended SSID" --> Click OK


Secondly, Create new SSID profile (or) Edit existing SSID profile to change the band to "2.4 GHz only"
To verify, if the the 5 GHz is disabled:
  • Go to Support --> AP Active --> Run
  • This should show the power to 5 GHz radio is 0
As shown in the below image:



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