How to restrict of a wireless network only to one or few IAPs in an IAP cluster?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Generally the IAP's will broadcast the configured SSID from all of its member IAPs in the cluster.


However in order to restrict the SSID on specific IAP we can use zone option available from 4.1.


  • We can use this feature to restrict the SSID based on location, such as Lobby, Classroom  etc..
  • Mostly used in customer environments, where the type of network users vary based access category.

Environment :


This article applies to Aruba Instant Access Points running and above.


Network Topology : Instant APs in a cluster.


Below Images would explain the step by step configuration.


1. In the IAP GUI, Select the SSID and Click "edit". In the SSID wizard, click on "Show advanced options"  (as shown below):





2. Type any keyword in the "Zone" field:


rtaImage (1).jpg



3. Once the keyword is set in SSID, one needs to configure the same on the specific IAPs that they would like the network to be broadcasted.


rtaImage (2).jpg



The IAP's configured with that specific keyword in the zone will be able to broadcast that SSID.


One can verify the configuration either from  CLI of the specific IAP:

Cent-IAP-1# show ap-env
Antenna Type:Internal



Sometimes, there are instances that the SSID might not broadcasted on the IAPs that you specified. In such cases, we recommend to verify if the keyword mentioned in the SSID profile and on the IAP / IAPs  are exactly same (Including the case).


NOTE: The keyword is case sensitive.



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     Can I assign the Zone feature for a specific radio such as 2.4 or it is only based on per IAP?  I would like to use the method of turning off certain 2.4 band on certain IAP's to reduce interferrence and thought that perhaps the Zone feature would allow me to do this wihout turning off the 5 GHz at the same time if there is only one SSID throughout the entire network.





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