In which two cases adding an IAP to the cluster can affect the role of existing Master IAP?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

EnvironmentThis article applies to all Aruba Instant Access Points running any version of Aruba InstantOS.


Generally, when an IAP is joined to the cluster with an existing Master IAP, then it turns to Salve and downloads the image and configuration from Master.

But, in two cases, adding a new IAP to the cluster would affect the existing Master. They are as below:
  • When the existing Master is with default APIPA IP address, then adding a new IAP with a valid IP address from DHCP Server (OR)  Adding a new IAP with static IP  would replace the Master.

  • When an IAP with active 3G dongle is joined to the cluster and if the UP time of the existing master is less than 5 minutes, then the new IAP would become the Master. If the UP time of the existing Master is more than 5 minutes, then the new IAP with active 3G Dongle would take a role of Slave in the cluster.


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