Instant AP provisioning using templates and variables


How to provision the Instant AP in Aruba Central using templates and variables?

This article applies to all Instant APs that are managed by Aruba Central.


Usual configuration of profiles and options in Aruba Central is a time consuming process as the administrator has to configure options manually through webUI.

Using templates and variables, the configuration process is made easier.



How to provision an Instant AP and push configuration through templates and variables?

1. Make sure the IAP is up and running on Aruba Central.

2. Navigate to "Global settings" and configure a new group. Enable the option "Use as a template group" to configure this group as template based.

3. Once the group is created, we need to configure the variables and add them to template.

"CNFGK2R63F": {
    "_sys_allowed_ap": "20:4c:03:28:00:12",
    "_sys_lan_mac": "20:4c:03:28:00:12",
    "_sys_serial": "CNFGK2R63F",

    "master_iap": "1",   -------> To set preferred master
    "model": "303H",
    "my_name": "AP1", -----> AP Name
    "wired_vlan": "200"

"_sys_allowed_ap", "_sys_lan_mac" and "_sys_serial" are three default parameters which would be a part of variable configuration and rest of the variables are user-defined.

4. Upload the variable on "variable" tab and once it is uploaded it reflects on the corresponding page as below

5. Move to the "Templates" page and include the variable parameters using if-condition

The defined variables will reflect on the right side and the variables are used on the specific dialog box.

On the above screenshot you can see the variables are included using if-condition.



6. To verify if the uploaded variables and template are correct, move to the "configuration audit" page on the left and verify it.

If you don't have any configuration error then it would show as 0 device and the configuration will be pushed to the APs in corresponding group.

sample template.txt
sample variable.json
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