Management user configuration in IAP 4.3.x


How to configure mgmt-user in Instant version 4.3.x and above?

From Aruba Instant 4.3.x and above there has been changes in how to configure mgmt-user via CLI. Below output shows the config steps:

18:64:72:c8:21:f8# show version 

Aruba Operating System Software.

ArubaOS (MODEL: 225), Version


(c) Copyright 2016 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP.

Compiled on 2016-12-15 at 03:43:29 PST (build 57768) by p4build

18:64:72:c8:21:f8 (config) # mgmt-user test test@123  ==> This is the old command to configure mgmt-user.

18:64:72:c8:21:f8 (config) # exit

18:64:72:c8:21:f8# commit apply 

committing configuration.. ==> Below error is shown once we try to save the config.

This CLI is deprecated, 

please use 'hash-mgmt-user <user> passsword cleartext <password> [usertype <usertype>]' command.

18:64:72:c8:21:f8 (config) # hash-mgmt-user test password cleartext test@123 ==> For Admin access do not enter 'usertype'.

18:64:72:c8:21:f8 (config) # exit

18:64:72:c8:21:f8# commit apply 

committing configuration...

configuration committed.

18:64:72:c8:21:f8# show mgmt-user 

Server Load Balancing :Disabled

Local User DB Backup  :Disabled

Management Accounting  :Disabled

Hash Management Password  :Enabled

Authentication Servers


Name  Type  IP Address  Port  Key  Timeout  Retry Count  NAS IP Address  NAS Identifier  RFC3576  RFC5997

----  ----  ----------  ----  ---  -------  -----------  --------------  --------------  -------  -------

Management User Table


Name  Password                                                                    Type

----  --------                                                                    ----

test  562ef7e60237a561a594feeb0d5a4703108deac94fd2b1c49d671f8a370fdfd1b10721a46c  Admin




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