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Wireless administrators always wish to track the type of web traffic accessed on their wireless network to have Insight on web traffic patterns. This will actually help them provide their employees and guest more personalized experiences and improve overall operational effectiveness.


Starting, Instant provides an solution called URL Visibility that allows the IAP to extract the full URL information of the http and https sessions it's clients are browsing and store them in a table. It also periodically log them on to the ALE server for data mining purpose. The IAP stores this data until either the pre-allocated buffer for this function is full or expiry of 15 minutes since the first URL was recorded. This feature will operate even if APP RF visibility knob is set to “None” or if there are no enforcement rules are configured.



Web UI Configuration:




CLI Configuration:


18:64:72:c4:19:26 # configure terminal
18:64:72:c4:19:26 (config) # url-visibility
18:64:72:c4:19:26 #commit apply


Below command will show if URL visibility is enabled or not.


18:64:72:c4:19:26# show dpi debug status

Dpimgr Running                    :TRUE
Dpimgr Hello count                :1
Dpimgr Agent                      :URL
Dpimgr Status value               :0x119
Dpimgr Platform Status            :App + WebCC + URL       --> shows URL is enabled along with AppRF and WebCC.
Dpimgr Visibility Status          :URL + None
Dpimgr Enforcement Status         :None
Dpimgr External Visibility Status :None



Executing "show url-visibility" will list the URLs accessed by clients and "show url-visibility verbose" will also show the client's IP address and IP address of the Web server the client is trying to access.




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I want to know how the instant access point gets the https package host. Can you help me with this?

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