Upgrade Cluster with mixed IAP models from CLI

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How to Upgrade Cluster with mixed IAP models from CLI


Below format can be used to upgrade an image using a HTTP, TFTP, or FTP URL:
(Instant AP)# upgrade-image <ftp/tftp/http-URL>

HTTP - http://<IP-address>/<image-file>. For example, http://<IP-address>/ArubaInstant_Orion_6.3.1.1-
TFTP - tftp://<IP-address>/<image-file>. For example, tftp://<IP-address>/ArubaInstant_Orion_6.3.1.1-
FTP  - ftp://<IP-address>/<image-file>.  For example, ftp://<IP-address>/ArubaInstant_Orion_6.3.1.1-

If the Cluster includes mixed IAP models, the below URL can be used to Upgrade it from the CLI:
(Instant AP)# upgrade-image <IAP-Class>@<ftp/tftp/http-URL>

(Instant AP)# upgrade-image Orion@http://<IP-address>/ArubaInstant_Orion_6.3.1.1-
(Instant AP)# upgrade-image Centaurus@tftp://<IP-address>/ArubaInstant_Centaurus_6.3.1.1-

Below are the IAP Class description for respective IAP models:

Aries             RAP-155 and RAP-155P
Centaurus   IAP-224, IAP-225, IAP-214/215, IAP-274, IAP-275 and IAP-277
Draco           IAP-344/345 (UAP)
Hercules      IAP-314/315, IAP-324/325, IAP 318 and IAP 374/375/377    
Lupus           IAP-334/335
Scorpio        IAP-514 and IAP-515
Ursa             IAP-303, IAP-304/305, IAP-365/367 and IAP-303H
Vela              IAP-203H, IAP-207, IAP-203R and IAP-203RP
Pegasus       RAP-108, RAP-109, IAP-114, IAP-115 and IAP-103
Taurus          IAP-204/205, IAP-205H
Orion            IAP-104, IAP-105, IAP-175, RAP-3WN and RAP-3WNP

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