What does content filtering for wired port on IAP (Aruba Instant APs) do and how to configure it?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article talks about "Content filtering" on the wired port of Aruba IAPs which is a new feature added in the latest OS version Prior to this version, content filtering was not supported on the wired ports of Instant APs.

This article contains:

1. Explanation of the need for content filtering
2. Content Filtering configuration on wired port of the IAP.



The Content Filtering feature allows you to create internet access policies that allow or deny user access to websites based on website categories and security ratings. 


This feature is useful to:


Prevent known malware hosts from accessing your wireless network.


Improve employee productivity by limiting access to certain websites.


Reduce bandwidth consumption significantly.

NOTE: When Content filtering is enabled, all DNS requests to non-corporate domains are sent to openDNS. Also, Regardless of whether content filtering is disabled or enabled, instant.arubanetworks.com is always resolved internally on Instant.
Environment : This article applies to all the IAPs running OS version
1.       Navigate to “Wired” on top right of the WebUI.
2.       Click on “New” under Wired Networks to create a new wired profile
3.       Enter the profile name and enable “content filtering” as shown below.
rtaImage (16).png
4. Follow subsequent instruction to complete the wired profile
5. Map the Wired profile to the port on which you want content filtering to be enabled as shown below:
rtaImage (17).png
6. Click Ok.


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